I like to consider myself from a brand perspective, in terms of how I represent myself, especially online. For example, the look and content of my Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram all have a considered aesthetic – I like to make sure what I post contributes positively to how I aim to be seen.

From a graphic design aspect, I’ve dabbled in designs for my own personal logo a number of times. Since I am always learning, exploring and broadening my tastes I haven’t locked anything in before (I still have a few part-time years at uni left). Therefore, I answered questions on Logo Tournament to prompt me to think a little more formally about the type of logo I’d like to create for myself.

I would like to use my real name as my business name, so I opt to name it Stephanie Brink Graphic Design. My target audience would be any business or individual requiring good quality graphic design solutions.

What are the top 3 things I’d like to communicate to my audience through my logo?
Simplicity, quality and reliability.

What style of logo?
I’m leaning towards a wordmark (company name in a stylised type which may include abstract or pictorial elements) or letterform mark (very small amount of letters to represent the business).

What colours would I like to use?
Ideally, none. I’d like a neutral design, black and white, possibly grey or a spot of natural colour if necessary.

Do I have any logo ideas or additional information?
Firstly, I am a little obsessed with the Trivia Serif typeface. I love classic, timeless logos like that of Vogue, and Trivia Serif reminds me of it.

Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 1.20.25 pm
Image credit: My Fonts

I also scoured Pinterest for logos that align with the look I want to achieve and found these: (images are links to original source)


I have utilised the sliders below (courtesy of Logo Tournament) to help describe how I want to communicate my personal brand.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 6.59.43 pm

Finally, the below logo is what I have come up with:
SB logo

I enjoy this design as it is sleek and simple. As they say, simple is hard – and this design actually took me a while to complete! I like the use of lines and negative space to essentially create a puzzle where the viewers mind must complete the picture. I incorporated the Trivia Serif Bold typeface with Lane Narrow. I like the quiet and subtle feel it creates, while the use of serif and sans-serif type together (and the bold/light contrast) proves how well the two can work in harmony. They also reflect two different types of graphic design – print (serif) and web (sans-serif).

As the above design doesn’t display my whole business name, it could also be used in conjunction with the below typography (for my website and business card). Please note: the serif typeface below is actually Baskerville – I only used this in place of Trivia Serif Regular which I haven’t purchased yet (I only purchased the bold version for my logo).

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 3.36.21 pm

Below is an example of my logo being used on a template CV I created.
I opted to keep it formal and optimise the use of white space. I often overcrowd documents with information so this was an ideal opportunity for me to explore a more minimal design. I made use of two typefaces, Baskerville and Univers – ideally though, I would use Trivia Serif Regular with Univers (Univers is more legible than Lane Narrow, which is a more stylised sans-serif type). I like how this CV design combines both a modern and traditional look – much like my logo!

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