I completed the Johari Window tool to find out how others see me in comparison to how I see myself. The 5 attributes I picked for myself were:

  • intelligent
  • knowledgeable
  • logical
  • organised
  • witty

I work full-time and study part-time, so being organised is crucial. I like to learn, gain knowledge and share knowledge and I much prefer deductive reasoning over inductive reasoning, so see myself as quite a logical thinker. I also appreciate smiling and good humour, so like to work it into my interactions with others. I think all of this is communicated in my ENTJ personality type result as well.

I asked 20 people, consisting of friends, some family, university peers and work colleagues to use any 5 of the Johari Window attributes to best describe me. The results were:

  • 60% organised
  • 40% confident, intelligent, trustworthy & witty
  • 35% independent
  • 30% friendly & self-assertive
  • 20% able, clever & helpful
  • 15% giving, idealistic & logical
  • 10% adaptable, cheerful, dependable, energetic, extroverted, happy & proud
  • 5% accepting, calm, caring, kind, knowledgeable, observant, reflective, sensible & warm

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I read A Client’s Guide to Design by AIGA to understand how the design process works in a professional environment – to give me a better understanding of what qualities might be important in the design profession.

What attributes described in Johari Window exercise do you see as key to dealing with clients?
When dealing with clients, communication is important. Having the client clearly identify goals and objectives is key for the designer to achieve anything worthwhile. Therefore, I think one has to be: able, adaptable, caring, confident, dependable, dignified, friendly, helpful, mature, organised, responsive, sensible and trustworthy.

What attributes are key to dealing with your colleagues?
Working with colleagues often requires collaboration, as well as an understanding of diverse personalities and differing views. Drawing from my experience, I think one has to be: accepting, adaptable, dependable, dignified, friendly, helpful, observant, patient, mature, self-assertive, sensible and trustworthy.

What attributes are key to dealing with yourself?
In order for one to develop and succeed on a professional level, I think one needs to be: able, adaptable, clever, dependable, idealistic, independent, intelligent, observant, organised, reflective, responsive, searching and trustworthy.

What attributes are key to dealing with your boss?
There are a range of attributes that one might want to demonstrate to a boss in order to be viewed as a valuable employee. Therefore, I think the following attributes are important: able, adaptable, calm, confident, dependable, helpful, idealistic, knowledgeable, mature, observant, organised, reflective, self-assertive, sensible and trustworthy.

How does your version of the Johari Window differ from your close contacts?
Funnily enough, there were no attributes I picked for myself that others didn’t pick for me. I suppose this shows that I have a reasonable level of self-awareness.

Three of the five attributes I picked for myself were within the top responses (intelligent, organised, witty), which I am quite pleased with. I would like to think I am a switched-on individual and I think this is demonstrated by the fact that I work full-time while completing my double degree part-time. I also love a good joke and come-back and appreciate a dry sense of humour.

The top responses in my blind spot are: confident, trustworthy, independent, friendly and self-assertive. I’m not offended that people view me as self-assertive, as I think they mean it from the perspective that I’m not afraid to tell it like it is. I would like to think that being viewed as friendly means I am not harsh or offensive in my self-assertiveness! I do value trust, I understand that things happen but I think a high level of transparency is important to maintain trust.

I think my personal response of knowledgeable that of which only 5% of respondents agreed, I actually meant clever. If I had to pick again I think clever would be a more apt description as I definitely see myself as more resourceful than knowledgeable – so think clever would be a better fit.

Something to make note of is the fact that able at 20% was only deemed a personal attribute by work colleagues. Out of the 6 work colleagues that I asked to respond, 66% deemed me able. So I think the responses could have been vastly different if I had asked 20 work colleagues to respond. This shows that attributes important on a personal and professional level can vary.

How does this exercise make you think about your position in the workplace?
I think these results show that I can work soundly on my own and would potentially be a good boss. I think my main areas to improve on would be working with peers and co-workers, in terms of being more patient and letting others have a go. I wouldn’t say I am not a team player, but I think I need to learn that I don’t always need to take the reigns (so to speak). I think I would also like to start acknowledging when others may have the answers to the questions that I am too busy researching for myself.

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