If you find yourself wanting to depot a MAC eyeshadow for whatever reason, here’s how to do it and what you’ll need:

  • Sharp tweezers (and a small, pointy knife if your tweezers aren’t sharp)
  • A lighter
  • Magnetic tape (you could use a thin magnet and glue if you don’t have magnetic tape)

I depot my MAC eyeshadows as my local (and only) MAC store isn’t a Pro store. I choose not to buy online as I don’t know the colours by heart and like to go in and play around to find my next one! I purchased my palette from the US when I was there last year – it fits 30 eyeshadows.


To begin, you want to dislodge the plastic pan from the container. You do this by using something sharp (tweezers or knife) to get in the ridge/groove of the two and wedge them apart so the plastic pan pops out. It’s not glued so should pop out quite easily if you’ve managed to get the sharp object in properly. Note: be careful with sharp objects.


Secondly, use the open flame from the lighter to heat the bottom of the plastic pan – use tweezers to hold it as it gets quite hot. You may need to do this for about 20-30 seconds depending on how long it takes for the plastic to soften.


You’ll know you’ve heated it long enough when you can push tweezers through the bottom to entirely dislodge the metal eyeshadow pan (as above). The metal pan can get quite hot so be careful when using bare hands to handle it. You’ll find glue residue on the underside of the metal pan, don’t remove it as it will come in handy.


To keep the back sticker that shows the colour and batch code, use the same method as before and heat the sticker to warm the glue so the sticker can peel off easily. Attach the sticker to the back of the metal eyeshadow pan using the glue residue already there.


Then stick some adhesive magnetic tape over the sticker, leaving the eyeshadow name visible. As these palettes are magnetic, using the magnetic tape will ensure your eyeshadow doesn’t fall out of the palette – so you’ll need to ensure you use a strip of magnetic tape large enough to keep it in place! And that’s it, happy depotting!

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