So I tried a new product recently, and as it turns out I have never been so thrilled. It was the Sunnyside Bubble Bar (Strike gold) by Lush. In fact, I was so blown away that I wrote them an email to express my pleasure.

Image credit: Lush

Hey Lush,

I don’t normally write complimentary emails (not because I have nothing nice to say, but because I don’t usually bother to write in) but I have to tell you how much I enjoyed your Sunnyside Bubble Bar in Strike Gold.

Now, I have never really used your stuff before. I walk past your store, casually take in the aroma and move on. But last week while acknowledging the sweet (and sometimes overwhelming) scents, I had an epiphany – it hit me like the sea hits the sand – maybe I should try a bath bomb.

You see, the idea wasn’t actually too far fetched. Like the young, ghostly pale woman I am, I fake tan every week. This of course means my Thursday nights are dedicated to a nice and relaxing soak in the tub. I usually bathe in about 15 pumps of Radox (sometimes 22 if I’m thinking of Taylor Swift at the time), but somehow I knew I was ready to try something new, so I bought one.

Come tan night, I chucked the bubble bar in the bath and threw the deli-like paper packaging in the recycling. Disclaimer: I actually don’t know the difference between a bubble bar and a bath bomb so I think this was the right move (even if it isn’t, I have no regrets).

The bath turned gold and I thought ‘this is great, it will mask the not as pretty golden colour the bath water turns when my tan is all scrubbed off’.

I got in and grabbed parts of the bubble bar that hadn’t yet dissolved. I rubbed it on my skin and was awestruck – it was a beautiful, temporary all-body highlighter, transforming me into a golden Greek goddess riding a unicorn into the setting sun. I couldn’t get enough.

As I lay in the bath sparkling like a vampire from a teen romance novel, I thought, how could this get any better? Little did I know it would literally melt my fake tan right off! Instead of spending a good 30 minutes scrubbing every inch of my body to reveal a new, raw layer of fresh skin, I spent about 15 minutes gently sweeping the tan off.

Without even drying my hands properly, I grappled for my phone – I had to look up this great product. What had it said on the wrapper? I was cursing my name and wishing I hadn’t been so quick to throw the packaging away like some flippant fool.

I then found myself thinking about how I could incorporate this newly essential product into my weekly budget and roughly how much it would cost per year to use one a week for the rest of my life.

Then I stopped in my tracks – I was getting ahead of myself. Without being a seasoned Lush-er (or Lushette?), how did I know if this was a Lush regular? Please tell me it isn’t just some limited edition holiday season product, and vow that it won’t leave me like my lovely (and highly recommended) tan lady has promised she never will. If it’s a regular product, you may have just gained yourself a lifelong customer (as I haven’t liked a product as much as this since sunscreen).

Don’t worry, I’ve already told 9 of my friends.

Yours truly,
Steph Brink

It might be hard to pick up the true shimmery-ness of it in the below picture, but if you’re a fan of highlighter you won’t regret trying it! Do you use any other Lush products? I’d love to hear about what else is a must-try! The Sunnyside Bubble Bar is available for AUD $8.95 (150 grams – single use) from Lush.